Trip Into Dub (Ambient Rituals 2)


The latest release from the ever prolific Gerald Belanger, the second mixed compilation in the Ambient Rituals series, is a worthy companion to its best-selling predecessor. Another continuously mixed release (by Mr.Belanger), the 8 track line up is an impressive collection of established electro-geniuses and newer artists. As the title suggests, the music tends to wander about the ever greying line between trip hop and modern dub. The Opening track is by Half Beat Music, which is Toronto DJ Jarkko, Jason and Justin with the Incarnate/Legion of Green Men team. Their track, "f.k.l.s.," definitely one of the highlights on this compilation, has a real warm and rolling trance-esq feel, accented with crisp drum and bass influenced breaks. Huren, of former Teste fame, gives us "the shroud", another one of his distinct experimental pieces. This one featuring muted kick drums, high pitched rhythms and background, echoed strings which all combine into a remarkably mesmerizing groove. Other contributors include Idiot Bliss, Kinder Atom, Wave, Controlled Bleeding and 21 Green with a way down tempo piece of minimal junglism. Despite the title, the only track with true recognizable Dub styling is from the new Toronto outfit King Fahtie. Their "Modular Dub" is an atmospheric, tweaked reworking of the more traditional dub sounds and is a perfect closer for the CD. Altogether this is a great choice for a full 72 minutes of cerebral groovin' and mental unwinding, definitely a trip you will want to take over and over again.