Here is the DOVe discography with some brief notes. This was written in 1996 when the label closed.

* Things you should know about DOVe *

+ Incorporated in 1990 by Toronto broadcaster and mixologist Gerald Belanger. With the label now officially closed, Belanger now works as a producer with nice+smooth and is a member of a few local sound crews including Kinder Atom and Lazer Caps.. + High profile labels such as NINJA TUNE UK (COLDCUT, DJ FOOD) and CLEOPATRA, USA (FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON, KRAFTWERK) had licensed DOVe's Canadian Electronica. + Nearly all the releases featured the unmistakable graphic design work of DIGITAL POODLE and KINDER ATOM member HEIKI SILLASTE. + The acronym DOVe always stood for DEATH OF VINYL entertainment. This was not meant to be a negative view of records. In fact, it's main purpose was to raise awareness to the fact that vinyl was being phased out of existence by every major label at the time. These days vinyl seems pretty safe with dance culture taking over every part of the planet. The press: PULL-QUOTES ON DOVe - (HEADLINE) DOVentertainment: Year's Best Label "Makes experimentation an art form...the leader in experimental sound chemistry" -Denver Advocate December 1991 -(HEADLINE) DOVentertainment: Record Industry Heretics "In an industry not known for self-scrutiny, (Death Of Vinyl, the labels first compilation) was the boldest and most imaginative statement about one of the biggest acts of consumer manipulation of the past decade... It would be hard to dump the (DOVe roster) into one category of sound but all have a heightened awareness of the issues of technology and creativity." -The National Chart, Canada June 1992 -(FRONT PAGE FEATURE HEADLINE) DOVe Takes Flight "As alternative music comfortably becomes the mainstream, a little known label in downtown Toronto has been distributing the 'alternative to alternative'... from white noise terror to smiley electro throbs to ambiotronic soundscapes..." -The Record (Canada's baby Billboard) May 1992 - "Death Of Vinyl is a signal to the future." -David Wisdom, Nightlines, CBC Stereo Jan.. 18 1991 - "The people behind (the DOVe compilation) certainly know what they're doing... DOVe cleverly predicts the healthy future of music." -Music From The Empty Quarter UK, May 1992 - "DOVe is not just a sign of the times, its a sign of the future." -Cincinnati Times March 1992 -(reviewing the first DOVe compilation) "A good overview of the current state of the art in aural sculpture and exploration. -Option Magazine USA July/Aug 1991 -(reviewing the first DOVe compilation)"...aggressively postmodern" -Keyboard Magazine, USA July 1991 -(The first DOVe compilation) features more text, more social criticism, and one certifiable masterpiece." -The Globe and Mail, Toronto April 1, 1991 - "...fuckin!" -Hit Express Japan Dec 1991 - (HEADLINE) Death Of Vinyl Defies Blatant Commercialism " of Canada's newest and most innovative record labels." -Medium II, Toronto Oct 1992 - "Ninja Tune in London has set up a UK division for Canada's DEATH OF VINYL label featuring an array of blunted electronic music ideal for dance club and home.." -The NME, UK November 1993 - (reviewing the first ninja/DOVe compilation DOV Revolutions) ...tracks ranging from fluid speed works and chill core to fantastic bursts of sheer caustic noise for the floor. 8/10 -DJ Magazine, UK Mar 1994
DOVentertainment (Death Of Vinyl) DISCOGRAPHY (a quick note about the catalog system, it is quite odd and confusing. the intention is for the releases to be variations on the theme of 22, so the first batch of tapes went sequentially 22,44,66,88, 110,132 etc...the compact discs, though, start at 22, 44,66 but after 88 go straight to 122,144,166,188, 222,244 etc.)


DOVe 22 1990 WEIRDSTONE s/t cass a psychedelic rock/grunge (!) record produced by me in college - a local hit! DOVe 44 1990 VARIOUS UNFORTUNATE SONIC CASUALTIES cass a mix from the radio show of the same name (which is still going!) which was broadcast in Oakville between 1988-1990. DOVe66 1990 BOB DOBBS BOB DOGMA cass the first in a long series of releases featuring what the Rev. Stang and the real Subgenius crew claim is a fake "BOB", but you judge for yourself. Imagine the nerve, plagiarizing the plagiarists!!!! The worldwide press covering the release and the ensuing battles between "Bobs" weighs a few pounds! Negativland officially 'disowned' their remix on the second BME, and the lies and deceit are impossible to wade through at this point. If you ask me, BME did Stang and his fellow SubG's a HUGE favour, providing them with a much needed kick in their collective butts, and gave cause for a mighty call-to-arms within their camps. Thall and Dean, the 'bad guys' of this story, played by their own rules, and taught many lessons on many levels with these releases. Truth be known, these were vanity releases on my label, the producers paid for every dime of advertising and manufacturing, and trust me, the puny sales did not recoup any of their investment. All this crap would make a great book someday, aspiring writers take note. DOVe88 1990 BOB DOBBS FRAGMENTS WITH BOB cass see above DOVe110 1990 BOB DOBBS BOB'S THIRD ALBUM cass see above DOVe132 1990 DAVID SCURR PREOCCUPATATIONS cass DOVe154 1990 DAVID SCURR RAGING BREAKFAST 2xcass composer and madman who had the loveliest show for many years on CKLN. Lots of lo-fi audio manipulation and fun stories. DOVeCD22 1991 VARIOUS DEATH OF VINYL cd this underground classic was among the first cd compilations to mix techno + industrial + experimental trax on the same disc. Massive international press and air play. Featured John Oswald and an "illegal" track culled from the deleted Plunderphonics release, and the infamous jfk hip-hop track by Steinksi called "The Motorcade Sped On." "Aggressively post modern"- Jim Aiken, Keyboard Magazine. DOVeCD44 1991 DOVeK744 TAPE BEATLES MUSIC WITH SOUND cd + cass unbeknownst to us at the time, this would become one of the most sampled discs in recent time, having shown up on nearly every ORB record produced!!! An arty audio collage "synthety" that makes strong statements on the ideas of ownership and control. Began a common trend by marking the packaging with the 'recycled' logo. This was also recently re-issued under the name ' Public Works' on Dutch label Staalplaat. "Five stars!" - Streetsound Magazine DOVeCD66 1991 DOVeK766 ZOVIET FRANCE SHADOW,THIEF OF THE SUN cd + promo only cass released just in time for their first north-american tour, it is considered amongst the best from this ambient-experimental groups 20+ releases. Truly organic textural pleasure. The award-winning promo video shot by Robin Storey for the title track has been broadcast around the world. DIGITAL POODLE SOUL CRUSH DOVeCD88 1991 DOVeK788 cd + cass the debut cd after many cassette-only titles on their SHADOW label. Early techno/industrial crossover that made them new fans around the globe whilst entering local radio station CFNY's top thirty.. A limited edition 12" was released on Shadow featuring a Zoviet-France reworking of Soul Crush, later issued on the import of Work Terminal, a cd of remixes and unreleased cuts. DOVeCD122 1992 MICHEAL PERILSTEIN ELEPHANTS GLIDING ON ICE cd a truly lovely and much overlooked cd by the same composer of such hit films as "Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers", "Aliens Deadly Spawn", and the unforgettable "Mohammed-Ali Story". His acclaimed first release "Godzilla Vs. Your Mother" on The Residents label Ralph Records got him write ups in Time and People magazines! DOVeCD144 1992 PRODUCERS FOR BOB BOB'S MEDIA ECOLOGY cd truly mouth-dropping words from the only human brave enough to quote McLuhan, Zappa, Lyndon LaRouche and Mae Brussell in one breath. This time out the words are spliced and diced over an electronic bed of sound. A must for any serious student of media. DOVeCD166 1992 DOVeK7166 DOVe Germany 22 DIN FANTASTIC PLANET cd + cass a glitter space disco horror fantasy. Former Digital Poodle member Pupka Frey catches the techno wave and releases a landmark record of analog brilliance. Compared in reviews to Kraftwerk and Orbital, the record caught on in Europe and was released through Hyperium Records/Rough Trade on the short-lived DEATH OF VINYL GERMANY label. This was re-issued in 1996 as 'Fantastic Planet Revisted' by Cleopatra/Hypnotic Records of Los Angeles with additional tracks and remixes. DOVe Germany 44 1992 DIGITAL POODLE WORK TERMINAL cd the exclusive remixes for Europe and a couple of new tracks for the radio with thumping 909 tekno beats. This featured the elusive ambient grooves of the Zoviet France 'Soul Crush' reworking, originally released in a limited edition of 300 numbered vinyl on Digital Poodle's now defunct Shadow label. DOVeCD188 1992 SUCKING CHEST WOUND GOD FAMILY COUNTRY cd explosive trip-hop and funk beats clashing with dangerously accurate stabs at culture and state via media collage and scripted text. Like culture jamming but better. DOVeCD222 1992 HORIZON 222 THROUGH THE ROUND WINDOW cd seminal ambient-dub trance disc from the production house of the remaining members of Zoviet-France. DOVeCD244 1992 RAPOON DREAM CIRCLES cd Robin Storey's first release after leaving Zoviet France displays a playfull skill at manipulating sound combined with a newly reacquired taste for dance beats. Heavily influenced by East Indian textures, Rapoon has gone on to release 8 records since for the Staalplaat label in Holland. DOVeCD266 1992 DIGITAL POODLE ELEKTRONIK ESPIONAGE cd a mini-disc featuring new tracks and a bonus live cut, all which have been reissued on new albums except the live "Mekanik". DOVeCD288 1992 STEINSKI & THE MASS MEDIA IT'S UP TO YOU cd the long-awaited return of the master- mixer from Tommy Boy records. This biting satire using quips from media along with Bush campaign speeches and blunders was timed perfectly to co-incide with the Bush/Clinton elections and was a smash American radio hit. Also released in association with Ninja Tune in The UK on vinyl. DOVeCD322 1993 PRODUCERS FOR BOB BOB'S MEDIA ECOLOGY 2 cd the remix album featuring reworkings by NEGATIVLAND, COLDCUT and STEINKSI. Plus a half-hour of unreleased BOB rant. Coldcut released a couple of tracks from this on vinyl for their Ninja Tune label as well. DOVe Germany 66 1993 !BANG ELEKTRONIKA AKTIVIERUNG! cd one last gasp for electronic body music from Dave Rout of Infor/Mental with Andy Gregor and Kris Helstrom. This is so truly electronic that all vocals are sung in German! LUDDITE22 1993 DIN WATERSPORTS 12" the first in a batch of releases put out by NINJA TUNE in the UK featuring the DEATH OF VINYL UK mark. Purist minimal techno in a detroit vein on one side, and classic melodic din on the other. LUDDITE44 1993 AUTOMATA CHAOSPHERE 12" hard pounding tekno sampling hafler trio made in halifax by james hamilton and well reviewed by Technohead! LUDDITE66 1993 INFOR/MENTAL MIND DRONE LP/CD A fun, pure techno excursion by Dave Rout with some excellent CD only tracks recorded with Chris Drost and members of Poodle. LUDDITE88 1994 PROTOZOA CHAMELEON EP 12" Kate McDonald's first foray into producing after having deejay'd for a number of years, this featured some pounding sonic fury which prompted Dave Clark to give it top ratings in Mixmag. LUDDITE122 1994 DIGITAL POODLE CRACK! 12" We received dozens of letters after this 12" was released from purist poodle industrial fans all crying "sellout!!" due to it's upfront hard-techno bonk. Ultimately poodle's greatest achievement with the 20 minute 'space attack' remix. LUDDITE144 1994 VARIOUS DOV REVOLUTIONS CD A compilation featuring two cuts from each of the first five releases done through Ninja Tune. LUDDITE166 1994 DIN DECADE OF THE BRAIN CD Pulled together from three years worth of recordings, this album was also issued in the US by Cleopatra. More downbeat than the first DIN album, this was racked under 'ambient- trance'. LUDDITE188 1994 INCARNATE CONVOLUTIONS EP 12" Incarnate are the production duo behind many great projects including the LEGION OF GREEN MEN, ALKAHEST, WATERSHELL, EMPIRICAL SLEEPING CONSORT and others. This is by my own judgement the best release ever on the label, and well, Plus 8 records thought so too and bought the worldwide rights for it from the band and re-released diffferent versions of tracks on this single more than a few times under the LOGM moniker. In 1996 Virgin Records thought it was so good that they bought the rights from Plus 8 and they have re-issued the same tracks a number of times. Reached #2 in Mixmaster Morriss' Vibes NME chart the week it was released. LUDDITE222 1994 DIGITAL POODLE DIVISION! 2LP/CD The industrial fans were pleased, Poodle had not lost their form, only rebuilt it. Stronger, faster, more powerful than before. Also re-issued through Cleopatra in the US. USA 66 VARIOUS AMBIENT RITUALS CD This album and all subsequent DOVe titles were manufactured and distributed exclusively by Cleopatra. This was an exercise in commercialising our sound, mixing the heavy noise of DVOA & Poodle along with the lighter side of things with ASA, Kinder Atom, Perceptrons and others. USA88 1995 DEAD VOICES ON AIR NEW WORDS MACHINE CD Led by a former Zoviet France organic technician MARK SPYBEY, DVOA creates haunting moods best descibed as 'ambient concrete' through the use of altered electronics (no samplers!) and vocal sources. Aided by cEvin Key on a few tracks, DVOA recall days past when music was meant to be more than wallpaper. This activates something deep within those who can access it, tune your radio carefully... USA122 1996 DIGITAL POODLE NOISEA! CD Infamous toronto-based 'electro-industrial hell' outfit offer up an interesting sampler for '95. First up are remixes done both EBM + techno stylee from members of MASS, LEGION OF GREEN MEN, and INFORMENTAL. Then put your brain on cruise control as you hear the infant sounds of the Poodle from eight year old cassette-only releases where their Front Line Assembly and Cabaret Voltaire roots show quite noticably. The disc ends with sonic experiments which break into the epic twenty-minute remix of CRACK, the smashing hardtrance bonker that broke all the rules. USA144 1996 KINDER ATOM ATOMIKA CD USA166 1996 VARIOUS TRIP INTO DUB CD Related releases On Other labels. Pupka Frey from DIN toured Sweden as part of Rational Youth! DIGITAL POODLE's second CD "Work Terminal" was re-issued in 1996 on Philly label METROPOLIS (new home of FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY). HEIKI SILLASTE of KINDER ATOM/DIGITAL POODLE ran a local hard acid label called CRACK! featuring a majority of DOVe acts. His first CD was a compilation entitled ELEKTRO GENETIKS. It was recently reissued under the title, ACID GENETIKS (with a few minor changes) on Cleopatra. Shadow Records, Heiki's first label, licensed a great compilation of exclusive tracks through San Francisco based Silent records in early in 1991 called Metro Tekno. Gerald Belanger's Unfortunate Sonic Casualties radio show still broadcasts (since 1990!) Wednesdays at midnight on CKLN 88.1 FM in Toronto, playing the latest in electronica from around the world.